How to choose a creative writing course

There’s a lot of controversy around creative writing courses with some people believing they’re a waste of time. But I’m very much of the belief that writing, like any other craft or artform, can and should be taught. As a literary agent I get asked a lot about what creative writing course is best and so when Ink Academy approached me about doing an overview of the creative writing courses available for their blog I jumped at the chance.

Ink Academy is a new way of teaching creative writing, which unlike pretty much every other course is done one-to-one and face-to-face, with close focus on your writing, somewhat similarly to the traditional writer-editor relationship. I think they’re really great, would highly recommend them, and if I were doing a course I’d choose them. But there are other great courses and I think it’s really important you find the course that’s right for you, which is why I wrote the overview. You can find it on their blog here:

Creative writing courses: How to choose the right one for you

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