Edward Brooke-Hitching

Theodore Brun

Andrea Busfield

Jen Campbell

Bonnie Chung

Duncan Crowe and James Peak

Iain Dey

Rebecca Front

Alex Gilly

Julian Gough

David Higgins

Will Hill

Andrew Hosken

Simon Jones

Bella Mackie

Hugh Matheson and Christopher Dodd

Anthony McGowan

Barry McKinley

Moin Mir

Tom Tivnan

Mike Woodhouse

The Authors XI

CHARLIE CAMPBELL represents literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction and a select number of children’s authors. Before agenting, he spent three years at Literary Review, where he became Deputy Editor. He joined Ed Victor Ltd in 2005, where he handled film, TV and serial rights for the agency, before leaving after ten years to set up Kingsford Campbell. His clients include Edward Brooke-Hitching, Jen Campbell, Rebecca Front, Julian Gough, Will Hill, Simon Jones, Bella Mackie and Anthony McGowan.

He is the author of two books – Scapegoat: A History of Blaming Other People (Duckworth) and Herding Cats: The Art of Amateur Cricket Captaincy (Wisden). In 2012, he revived the Authors XI, a cricket team that used to star PG Wodehouse and Arthur Conan Doyle, which now plays at literary festivals around the world.

He is primarily looking for literary novels, crime, thrillers and historical fiction. In non-fiction, his interests include sport, popular science, history, humour and business.