Submission Guidelines:

Please submit directly to the agent you would like to be represented by, by email, and only submit to one agent. We will always pass submissions on to a colleague if we think it would be better for them.

Please look at each agent’s page to get an idea of what they’re looking for, what authors they represent and whether they might be suitable for you. You can also find their email addresses on their pages. (Please note Julia Kingsford is currently closed to submissions but all other agents are open).

We are primarily looking for authors from the UK and Ireland writing in English. We will very occasionally consider international writers but you must make it clear when submitting why you are looking for a literary agent in the UK.

We aim to respond within 12 weeks but it is not always possible to do this.

Submission email format:
  • Please make sure the subject is in the following format:
    Submission: Book title, Your name (type of book it is eg Memoir or Fiction or Young Adult etc) so for example:
    Submission: This is Going to Hurt, Adam Kay (humorous medical memoir) or
    Submission: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee (fiction)
  • PLEASE NOTE: any submissions that don’t follow this subject format will not be read. This may sound harsh but we receive a lot of submissions and many are from people who are just bulk emailing every agent they can find an email for without giving any thought as to whether they are the right agent for them. This means that we end up reading submissions that are completely wrong for us and this takes time away from us reading the submissions of writers who have carefully considered who to submit to and specifically chosen us.
  • Please include a covering letter in the body of the email telling us a little about the book and yourself. It is always also helpful to know if there is a reason you are particularly interested in us / why you have chosen to submit to us.
  • For FICTION please attach a full synopsis and the first three chapters as separate documents
  • For NON-FICTION please attach an outline of the idea and a sample of your writing