When you fill out our submission form we ask you for:

CONTACT DETAILS – it’s really important they’re correct or we won’t be able to tell you if we want to represent you.

FURTHER DETAILS – it’s helpful for us to know a little more about any publishing or agent history you may have as well as whether your work is fiction or non-fiction and what genre it is.

YOUR SUBMISSION – the important bit and as well as your actual work there are two key areas:

Brief biography – we don’t need to know everything about you, but it’s useful to know a little, particularly if it’s relevant to your book or its subject. Publishing is a business and any publisher buying rights to publish your book is investing in you, as well as the quality of your writing and idea.

Synopsis – we need a synopsis of the book. For fiction this should be a few pages long outlining the plot of your novel. For non-fiction a more detailed proposal is required, showing us a chapter break-down, as well as the market for your book.

Finally, your submission. Please upload a pdf or Word document no larger than 2MB of your work.

For fiction please include the first three chapters.

For non-fiction please give us the introduction and opening chapter.


KingsfordCampbellSubmission Guidelines