Charlie Campbell is actively seeking submissions from new and established writers. Julia Kingsford is currently closed to submissions.

Please fill in our submissions form below, we do not accept submissions by post or email.

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More about submissions

What are we looking for?
In short: great books that will excite readers, win awards, sell in bucket loads both at home and abroad and be read for generations to come.

We have very broad tastes and interests in both fiction and non-fiction across genres, subjects and ages. The wonderful thing about being a small and new agency is that we can build a list of clients whose work truly excites us.

We are not interested in receiving screenplays, poetry or children’s books.

What happens if we’re interested in you?
Depending on where you’re based, our relationship will probably start with a few phone calls but we’ll certainly try to meet you so we can all be sure we’re right for each other.

If we’re all happy we’ll ask you to sign a client agreement which confirms us as your representatives and outlines our commission rates: namely 15% of any deals with UK publishers and 20% of any international contracts we negotiate, whether they’re for £5,000 or £5,000,000.

Depending on what state your manuscript is in we’ll work with you on getting it ready to send to publishers and devise the best possible strategy, including identifying which editors we think are most suitable for you and your book. We may also start working with you on your profile, brand, web and social media presence. When appropriate, we’ll involve ILA who sell our international rights for us. We will also work with specialist agencies in the UK and US to find you a film and television deal.
Hopefully we’ll find lots of editors around the world who want to publish your book, in which case we’ll help you make the best decision (which won’t always be about who’s offered most money). When the deal is secured and signed the really fun bit of the journey begins and we’ll be with you every step of the way, as hands on – or off – as you want. Both before and after publication we’ll work with you and your publisher’s teams to maximise promotional opportunities and value.

Once your book is published we’ll keep track of sales and royalties and of course we’ll start work with you, whenever you want, on planning your next book.

What happens if we’re not interested in you?
There are many reasons why we may not be interested in representing you that are nothing to do with the quality of your work. We are a small agency and take our client service very seriously, which means we can only take on a certain number of clients. We may also feel very simply that we are not the right agent for you and that you and your book will have more success with another agent. We will always let you know whether we want to represent you or not.